Defence Bureau Ltd (DB) also DBA as KT Oborona, registered in the U.K., are the Industry & Trade Development Agency of exports for military equipment, firearms, weapons systems, and intelligence technologies, including and not limited to tanks, naval warships, aircraft, and heavy cargo aircraft.

We provide a spectrum of solutions in a systematic discipline, supported with regulated proper export licensing to the issued End User Certificate (EUC).

We are a private defence & aerospace consortium with several divisions. Supported by direct joint-ventures, in order to conduct procurements and delivery of military equipment and supplies.

DB is the authorised agent & broker acting on the behalf of the Ministries of Defence, State Enterprises, and manufacturers. We are engaged in the sales of new & surplus military equipment originating from Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe.
From conception to realisation, we work with our clients to ensure the scope of operating procedures of deliverables are always in compliance. Our objective is to accomplish customer satisfaction within regimented protocols for the delivery of military equipment with warranty and support.

Equipment & Supplies:
  Military Firearms & Cannons
  Missile Weapons Systems
  Tanks, APCs & Assault Vehicles
  Patrol Vessels & Naval Warships
  Helicopter Gunships & Jetfighters
  Military Cargo Transport Aircraft
  Rockets and Satellites
  Missile Systems